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Automatic Pool Chlorinators

Edgewater Pool & Spa offers new equipment installation of ALL major manufactures brands including, Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Raypak and more.

Equipment Purchases provide a standard manufactures warranty.  In addition, any new equipment we install includes a one year warranty on labor.

Automatic swimming pool chlorinators adjust chlorination levels automatically in response to a variety of changing conditions that can make pool and spa care challenging. There are two types of automatic chlorinators, inline and offline.  These refer to the way each of these chlorinators is installed.  An inline chlorinator install directly into the plumbing.  An offline chlorinator installs on a separate line from your existing plumbing.  Both allow NO escaping gases and completely enclosed systems with NO special venting is required.  We consider your specific needs and then recommend a product that is ideal for your particular system.

When it is time to install a new or replace an old model pool and spa chlorinator system we have the expertise that comes from 20 years of experience in pool and spa repair.



In the typical residential swimming pool, there is no pool automation system. Pool water testing and water adjustments are made manually (or in some cases not at all). Today’s pool owner doesn’t have time or the patience to test water daily (commercial pool laws require hourly testing). So the typical backyard pool gets tested about once a week. In between testing, the systems in place to control critical parameters like pH and sanitizer levels can be best described as woefully inadequate.

In smaller pools with lots of use, the chlorine level can move toward 0 in a matter of minutes. Residential pools simply aren’t equipped to handle rapid changes in bather load and organic matter. Chlorine is usually added with a crude automatic chlorinator or a chlorine generator, also called a salt water pool system. By the way, a salt chlorine generator itself is not considered pool automation because adjustments to chlorine output and pH are made manually. Although these devices do add chlorine, they almost always add chlorine in the wrong quantities, resulting in either too much chlorine or not enough chlorine.

Pool automation can make your pool safer, healthier, and easier to manage than pools without automation. You can save money too. You’ll reduce water changes, saving thousands of gallons of water. Pool automation minimizes the need for chemicals (especially when combined with ultraviolet disinfection) because you’re always putting in a precise amount of the right chemical. And pool automation is better for the environment.

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