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Swimming Pool Timer Repair

Faulty pool timers typically will not turn on the equipment or turn it off if it is already running. Pool timers are also faulty if they will not hold the proper time of the day. In this case usually the clock will run slow.When it is time for a pool timer repair we have the expertise that comes from 20 years of experience troubleshooting and resolving any issues with your swimming pool timer.

Common Problems:

  • Time Clock Runs Slow
  • Equipment Wont Turn On or Off
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Circuit Problems
  • Time Clock Wont Hold Time
  • Resets Frequently
  • Timer Pins Need Adjustment
Swimming Pool Time Clock Repair

Swimming pool timers may not work for a number of reasons.  Contact a professional for assistance.


Device not turning on? Check the electrical supply to the swimming pool timer. For automatic timers, check to see if the LCD panel shows that the timer is set. For dial timers, look at the timer and note the position of the dial. Also, note the position of the “on” pin and the “off” pin. Let a few hours pass and return to check the timer. If the dial is in the same position, the swimming pool timer either isn’t working properly or it’s not getting electricity. You should also see the gears behind the dial timer working if there is electrical power to the timer.

Examine the circuit breaker that operates the swimming pool timer. It should be in the “on” position. If it is in the “off” position, turn it on and see if the pool timer dial resumes turning. Make sure the manual override switch is on. You can find this switch under the pool timer dial. Reset the swimming pool clock if the electricity has been off. Otherwise, the swimming pool timer may operate at odd hours. Gently pull out the time indicator bar. Align the bar with the current time and push it back into place.

Move the start and stop pins to appropriate times for swimming pool filter operation. Partially loosen the screw that holds the “off” pin in place. Slide it around the pool timer dial to the correct start time and re-tighten it. Repeat the process for the “on” pin. As the hours of swimming pool use increase during the peak swimming season, you may need to adjust these pins periodically.

Keep the pool timer clock dial free of the on and off pins. If the dial hand gets bent, it may snag on the pins keeping the pool timer from operating properly. You can easily straighten the dial hand.

For digital models override the programming temporarily if the pool timer hasn’t been operating the equipment as required. Press the “Select” button until the indicator bar is under “On.” This will force-run the equipment, like the pump and heater. Don’t forget to turn it back to “Off” or “Auto” when you’re done running the equipment.

Another possibility is that the equipment that the timer is supposed to be operating may be having issues. Call a technician who is experienced working in the swimming pool environment.

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