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Swimming Pool Filters

Edgewater Pool & Spa offers new equipment installation of ALL major manufactures brands including, Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Raypak and more.

Equipment Purchases provide a standard manufactures warranty.  In addition, any new equipment we install includes a one year warranty on labor.

By removing impurities such as dirt, leaves, grass and hair from the water, pool filters keep your pool water clean, clear and inviting. Filtering the tiniest of contaminants out of the water keeps the water safe from algae and bacteria growth. We consider your specific needs and then recommend a product that is ideal for your particular system.

We install both Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) filters and Cartridge filters.

When it is time to replace your existing swimming pool filter we have the expertise that comes from 20 years of experience in pool and spa repair.



Consider the size of your pool. If it is very large, for example, you likely will want to invest in a large, high-quality filter that will last for many years. Make sure to know your pool size before shopping for a new filter, since filters are sold based on a pool’s square footage. If you already have a filter in your pool, use that as a size guide for the next one.

Take into account the type of pool. In-ground pools have more filter options than above-ground pools. Above-ground pools often operate with a cartridge-style filter, while in-ground pools use cartridge, sand or DE (diatomaceous earth) filters.

On-site analysis must be done to ensure that the filter matches up properly with the pump and the pool. 

DE (diatomaceous earth) filters. These are made from ground-up fossils. They are the most effective type because they filter much smaller particles than other filters, according to Swim Because of the efficient filtration, filter cleaning is required. Additionally, the DE powder must be replaced when the filter is cleaned.

Consider cartridge filters. These filters use paper to catch contaminants in the water. According to Swim, they are the least effective filtration system but are very easy to maintain. Every few months, the cartridges must be removed and sprayed clean with a hose. And every six months to a year, the entire cartridge usually needs replacement.

Make sure to choose a filter that matches the level of use you plan for your pool.

Once you have chosen the right type of filter for your pool, it is important to get it sized properly.  It must be sized to match the pump which in turn must match the circulation needs of the pool.  If the filter is undersized, it will fill up quickly and also can be damaged by the force of the pump.  If the filter is undersized, it may not filter the pool water properly.

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