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Swimming Pool Timers

Edgewater Pool & Spa offers new equipment installation of ALL major manufactures brands including, Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Raypak and more.

Equipment Purchases provide a standard manufactures warranty.  In addition, any new equipment we install includes a one year warranty on labor.



A swimming pool timer is a tool to help save energy in the operation of your swimming pool. By turning the pool’s pumps on and off at prescribed times, you can run the pumps when you need to and shut them off during the hours the pool isn’t in use. Some newer electronic timers not only operate the pumps, but they may also control the heaters and the lighting system for the swimming pool.

We offer a wide selection of digital and mechanical timer controls for pool pumps, booster pumps, and heaters. The simplest options are one circuit mechanical timers which can trip power on or off several times a day.

Higher end options include the ability to control up to three circuits at once including two-speed pumps, landscape and pool lighting, and coordinated shut off of a gas fired pool heater 20 minutes before pump shutdown to eliminate the problems of superheated water and reduce scale build up.

Digital timeclocks are more expensive than of one mechanical timeclock mechanism but well worth it! Most digital clocks have three circuits for three separate devices or a two-speed pump and another device such as a colored LED pool light or a pool sweep booster pump motor – no need to ever have to worry about your pool sweep booster pump timer getting out of synchronization ever again!

With the use of a pool pump timer you can put your maintenance schedule on autopilot. Technological advances have made swimming pool timers more effective and easier to use than ever. Contact Edgewater Pool & Spa today to locate the pool timer that’s right for your swimming pool.

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