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Swimming Pool Pumps

Edgewater Pool & Spa offers new equipment installation of ALL major manufactures brands including, Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Raypak and more.

Equipment Purchases provide a standard manufactures warranty.  In addition, any new equipment we install includes a one year warranty on labor.

We install new high performance Pump Motors, Single Speed Pumps, Two Speed Pumps, and Variable Speed Pumps. We consider your specific needs and then recommend a product that is ideal for your particular system.


When it is time to replace your existing swimming pool pump we have the expertise that comes from 20 years of experience in pool and spa repair.

Ask about the Backyard Energy Conservation Rebates offered by Southern California Edison and The Department of Water & Power!!!!



Swimming pool pumps are available in different sizes, capacities, models and shapes. The first thing you should remember is that larger is not always better, thus, the more you know about the pool pumps and their features and advantages, will benefit you no matter if you are constructing a new pool or just replacing the older equipment.

The size and model of your swimming pool is also very important in selecting the correct pool pump, since pool pumps usually come in two large types – High Head and Medium Head pumps. When selecting a pool pump you should pay attention to its capacity, so here you should know the correct size of your swimming pool, and the amount of gallons it holds. Most pool pumps indicate how many gallons they might circulate per hour.

All pool pumps are sold with a specialized filter basket that retains debris, leaves and insects that got in your pool. Such baskets can be of different shapes, such as square or round, open or closed, yet, while they prevent dirt from entering the filtration system, the shape doesn’t matter.

Since it is difficult to determine the exact amount of hours the pump will be working, it is wise to opt for a top-of-the line model, even it is a little more expensive than you wanted to spend on it. Don’t forget that the more efficient the pool pump, the less power it wastes, so you will save money in the long run.

And the last but not least, when considering a new pool pump, take into account the age of your pool’s filtration system. As old system might not filter the water effectively, no matter how high the capacity of the pump is.

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